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Our Ethos

We believe in:

  1. Offering exceptional value for money. (Our values mean we intentionally price ourselves at the ‘very reasonable’ end of the market.)
  2. Always going the extra mile.
  3. Never settling for ‘good enough’. Our clients deserve excellence.
  4. Relationship based fundraising. This means that we never push, we never hassle, and we seek in everything we do, to strengthen and improve the relationships between our clients and their donors and funders. This also means that we keep one eye on the long term (even of our contract is short term), ensuring that brilliant donor stewardship takes priority, even if that means letting a gift / donation go in the short term.
  5. Bringing integrity, creativity and transparency to all we do.
  6. Excellent professional development.

Our rates:
Our daily rates vary depending on the project, and the team / individual undertaking it. As a general rule we charge between £300–£600 / day.